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5G IoT Development

We use the latest 5G technologies to develop novel solutions for your communications needs. Focusing on Size, Weight, Power, and Cost, we work with you and your partners to build devices starting from a blank sheet of paper and ending with a fully deployed and operational end-to-end system.  We have access to LPWAN, CBRS, LTE and other networks to provide the dataflow from edge to cloud.

Software Development

We develop and manage software projects that perform to your particular requirements. Every software project has its unique requirements where we bring our expertise to the table to ensure that projects are completed on-time and at cost. We develop software for anything from the smallest of embedded systems to fully scaled heterogeneous cloud-based infrastructures. We develop what is needed, or integrate third-party services and code as required.

Data Engineering

Data is what can make or break your system. We design data structures that meet your requirements while also fitting within the constraints of your infrastructure. From the smallest of data payloads that can be assembled on embedded systems, to large database structures, we format, reformat, calculate, analyze and report your data according to your needs.

Hardware Engineering

We develop and build the hardware platforms that run the software that we create. Our hardware focus allows us to build circuit assemblies that fit any desired package and can be as flexible or specific as dictated by your requirements. In addition to design, we also manage the fabrication of hardware assemblies, and test what we receive to build for success.

Transceiver Development

We provide custom transceiver development; building all parts from the controls to the transmit and receive chains. We provide analysis of your link budgets and work with you to design a radio that meets or exceeds all your mission requirements. We build the full chain, or work with partners to build transceivers as standalone systems, or as payloads of a larger assembly.
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FMT, Inc.

Founded in December 2007, FAT Mongoose Technologies, Inc. (FMT, Inc.) provides “Flexible, Agile, and Trusted” Engineering and Management support. We strive to provide quick solutions to customer needs while retaining the flexibility to continue development through challenging and changing requirements.

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Address: 14 Celina Ave Suite 1, Nashua NH 03063
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