Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

From all of us at Fat Mongoose Technologies, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Thank you Retlif Testing Laboratories

We have spent some time at Retlif Testing Laboratories here in Goffstown, NH ( learning and testing our devices. Thank you very much for the great service!

FMT in Puerto Rico

This week we were in Puerto Rico to participate in CIO & IT Leadership Conference sponsored by the Puerto Rico IT Cluster. We were participating along with our partners to demonstrate our SigFox-enabled metering system, which will  enable them to have better enterprise knowledge of the thousands of installed systems they have on the island. It was an exciting time for us as we got to demonstrate our system to the CIO of Puerto Rico.


Demonstrating our SigFox radio to the PR CIO

Introducing SigFox and FMT’s IoT Devkit Board

FMT is currently testing a SigFox-compatible IoT device that we are developing and will be available soon.  In the photo, our radio under development is mounted on a custom breakout board for easy debugging and test.  We are emphasizing low-power, low cost, long-range applications.  We offer custom packaging and programming for your application.  Our field engineers integrate and test IoT devices on the SigFox network throughout North America.  Our radios feature integrated antenna design, including optimized, efficient custom antennas that will save you money by increasing reliability, coverage and battery life.

Contact us for more information!

Digital Software Radio

We are selling a digital software radio with one or two channels streaming up to 312 MB/s to a disk and data accessible on the web.  Please contact us for more details or check back on this blog soon.


We have single axis or three axis accelerometers, including a rechargeable battery and electronics to power the MEMS sensor. The accelerometers come in sturdy cases with BNC outputs for each axis. You can mount the entire accelerometer unit on large articles under test or you can remove the sensor to measure smaller devices, with a wire tethering the sensor to the electronics. Contact us for pricing, specifications and delivery times.

Battery-powered RF Power Meter

We sell battery-powered RF power meters in sturdy cases with easy-to-read displays.  Battery is rechargeable, ideal for field work.  Contact us for specs, price and delivery details.

Delay Lines

Need delay lines?  Our delay lines feature multiple ports and delays, available in custom lengths.  Nominal delay is 100 ns.  Great for calibration, geolocation system development and antenna array projects.

Solid State HF Transmitters

Solid state HF transmitters available for sale.  Nominal frequency is 4 MHz, output power is 2 Watts.  We can customize the frequency and output power to your specifications.  We can also provide a tunable module.  Available as a circuit board assembly or packaged. Please contact us for pricing and details.

Interested in RF amplification?

FMT has designed and built solid state wideband RF power amplifier stages designed to work below 10 MHz.  This cascadable Class C design outputs two watts per module.  We can power combine many modules to deliver more power.  Available as a circuit board assembly or packaged. Please contact us for pricing and details.