Thank you Retlif Testing Laboratories

We have spent some time at Retlif Testing Laboratories here in Goffstown, NH ( learning and testing our devices. Thank you very much for the great service!

Introducing SigFox and FMT’s IoT Devkit Board

FMT is currently testing a SigFox-compatible IoT device that we are developing and will be available soon.  In the photo, our radio under development is mounted on a custom breakout board for easy debugging and test.  We are emphasizing low-power, low cost, long-range applications.  We offer custom packaging and programming for your application.  Our field engineers integrate and test IoT devices on the SigFox network throughout North America.  Our radios feature integrated antenna design, including optimized, efficient custom antennas that will save you money by increasing reliability, coverage and battery life.

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New RF Signal Generator

Our first product is a compact, rugged portable RF signal generator.  You can buy three different models one to transmit in each of three different ISM bands: US 900 MHz band, European and US UHF band and the 2.4 GHz band.  Our signal generator is compact and rugged, with a rechargeable lithium battery.  We designed it for quick configuration, making it perfect for fieldwork.